PPC logoWhat’s special about Precision Products Company is the care in which we remanufacture equipment. When our knitting machinery is producing product it’s easy to understand why we’re the best.

When we remanufacture a machine, it is not a simple rebuild. Ours is a complete remanufacture down to the nuts and bolts. You can count on your most productive time with one of our remanufactured knitting machines.

With the introduction of our patented yarn-feeding system we can accomplish higher operating speeds increasing overall production while also minimizing needle breakage. It’s the latch needle’s limitations that have restricted operating speeds for knitters. By using yarn-feeding we can minimize the tension produced on the knitting needle, reducing the chance of needle breakage near 50%.

We understand and respect our customers’ need for confidentiality.

Our Company History

Precision Products Company was founded in 1987 manufacturing spare parts for KMC and Singer Fidelity Knitters, and we have been headquartered in Warminster, PA since 1991.

In 1992 we designed, manufactured and sold our first machine by remanufacturing a Single Deck KMC knitter. This upgrade focused on eliminating troublesome areas such as drive gears and the outdated braking system. We also eliminated the many adjustments for the knitting head and yarn guide/hold down ring making this area more operator friendly. We eliminated the entire area above the Yarn Tensioning Frame which was also very complicated to adjust. Our new design eliminated over 40 different parts saving time and money and increasing production.

Soon after we designed, manufactured and sold our first Double Deck of a KMC knitter. This remanufacturing utilized many of the successful features of our Single Deck design but focused on the size of the machine. We were able to reduce the height of the knitter by 16” giving the machine more rigidity and eliminated the ramp around the machine required to service the upper deck. This design was very well accepted.

Due to industry demand, in 1995 we designed and manufactured our first new knitter Precision model PP95 in both a Single Deck and Double Deck version.

With features like Auto Yarn Tensioning, our newer models eliminate the tensioning of yarn using the stud and tension disc system used on machines for over 40 years. This feature gives a uniform consistent knit pattern around the diameter eliminating the inconsistencies of the past design. Auto Tensioning also allows for even removal of yarn from the cones. When the first cone is empty of yarn the machine will automatically stop allowing enough to tie to the next new cone. Wasting and rewinding of yarn is eliminated. This model also introduced and uses a Variable Speed drive giving the machine flexibility to increase speeds for knit patterns of 8-12 CPI’s for added production and lowering the speed when running knit patterns of 5-8 CPI’s due to the demand this stitch puts on the needles.

Our commitment is to offer effective equipment and technologies that help the industry produce quality hose while minimizing costly downtime.