Reinforcement knitting machine parts you can count on.

spare partsWe carry OEM and KMC parts to fit your machines and have quality standards that go beyond the original manufacturer’s.

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  • Cam Core 4, 6, or 8 feed plain or Lock Stitch
  • Cam Rings 4, 6, 8 feed plain or Lock Stitch
  • Tension Ring Fidelity Knitter
  • Yarn Spider Frame Fidelity Knitter
  • Latch Needles in all sizes

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knitting machine parts


  • Needle Support Ring
  • Needle Stem Receptacle
  • Support Tube
  • Ring Support
  • Dummy Bars
  • Needle Bars
  • Cylinder Support Tube
  • Hold Down Rings
  • Needle Stems
  • Yarn Guides
  • Clamp Rings
  • Cylinders

knitting machine spare parts

  • Needle Protector/Choker
  • Choker Holder
  • Worm Gear
  • Tension Ring 4,6 or 8 Feed
  • Tension Stud, Disc, Nut
  • Worm Gear Box
  • Support
  • Drive Shaft Bearings
  • Ceramic Eyelets
  • Worm Gear Clutch
  • Worm Gear Ring
  • Worm Shaft

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