new used knitting machinesWhether it’s a new or a remanufactured machine Precision Products will give you reliability.

We have double-deck and single-deck frames available in stock to be used in for remanufacturing. Most times we can can also swap your equipment and remanufacture that. If you want to have your current knitting machine remanufactured, you can keep your current machine until we send a newly remanufactured machine.

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Advanced Yarn Feeding

Our knitters can produce 40-50 feet per minute, thanks in part to our yarn-feeding systems.

With the introduction of our patented yarn-feeding system we can accomplish higher operating speeds increasing overall production while also minimizing needle breakage. It’s the latch needles limitations that have restricted operating speeds for knitters. By using yarn-feeding we can minimize the tension produced on the knitting needle, reducing the chance of needle breakage near 50%.

Machine Remanufacturing Service

We custom color and build to your specifications. It all starts with a frame, and we have several in stock. Our frames can be configured to your needs and specifications.

See the Improvement!

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