paraclip benefits

PARA-CLIP™ Parallels Holding System

Designed to speed and simplify the retention of parallels in metal working vises

  • Holds a wide range of parallels from 1/2-inch to 1-5/8-inches
  • Saves the cost of machining step-jaws
  • Quick, clean, easy – eliminates the need for springs, rubber bands, tape, bent saw blades or other make-do methods

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paraclipsIt’s this simple –

Our patented PARA-CLIP™ Parallels Holding System consists of two clip plates and four clips. Attach the clip plates to your vise – it only takes a few minutes. Then use the clips to hold the appropriate size parallels in place. When parallels are not needed, just release the clips and continue working.

Proven reliable for CNC and manual machining applications.

pc_4The one-time installation of our patented PARA-CLIP™ retaining plates takes only a few moments. Simply unbolt the jaw plate, position the retaining plate and bolt the jaw plate back in place.
precision holdingThe PARA-CLIP™ Parallels Holding System works well with thin pieces. The retaining clip is designed to allow the vise to be closed to a minimum of 0.20 inches.
custom designsSpecial clips are available for gripping angled work-piece holders. Custom designs can be developed to meet your specific needs.


Switch to the PARA-CLIP™ System

paraclip packageWith it, parallels can be installed quickly, easily and securely. A PARA-CLIP™ Holding System Kit consists of two clip plates and 4 clips designed for 6″ standard vises. Kits are also available on special order for 4″ and 8″ vises as well as 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick parallels.

The retaining plates are made from steel ground parallel to .0002 with a black oxide finish. The clips are made from a durable material offering extended usage.

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